Traton Spirit Traton Spirit

A compass
of values
for all

The TRATON GROUP is made up of Scania, MAN, Navistar, and Volkswagen Truck & Bus. Each of these strong brands has its own history and identity. New shared values are helping the Group to achieve its corporate goals even more effectively.

Statement by Fiora Cheng Gårdemyr

“Shared values create the conditions for our brands to work in an aligned and coordinated way. By joining forces, we can focus even more on putting our customers first.”

Fiora Cheng Gårdemyr, Head of Scale up and Strategic Partnerships, Scania

The TRATON GROUP is convinced that a company’s culture is key to its commercial success. And the foundation of this culture is created by corporate values that are shared by all employees. That is why the TRATON GROUP has introduced five such values: Customer First, Respect, Team Spirit, Responsibility, and Elimination of Waste. These values are dependent on each other and complement the purpose that TRATON has defined for itself: Transforming Transportation Together. For a sustainable world.

The TRATON GROUP has stepped up collaboration between its brands in order to successfully implement its strategy and realize common projects. This means that people from different companies and cultures have to work together. A common compass of values helps guide their thoughts and actions in the same direction so that they can better achieve TRATON’s goals.

Actively putting the values into practice on a day-to-day basis takes time, and a mix of cross-brand and own-brand activities will help the TRATON brands to adopt and embrace these values together. What’s crucial first and foremost is that all employees understand the new values and can think about how they themselves might put them into practice and thus contribute to that TRATON Spirit that the Group is striving to create. To this end, the Company is planning Group-wide internal workshops to encourage the teams to continuously discuss the values and how they affect their way of working. Only when we truly embrace our corporate values can we strengthen the shared spirit of trust and collaboration — the TRATON Spirit.

Felipe Nogueira

Statement by Felipe Nogueira

“Team Spirit is the backbone of our processes. It means joining forces, bringing in our differences and experiences, to work on common goals. It also means challenging ourselves and learning from each other.”

Felipe Nogueira, Associate Director R&D, Volkswagen Truck & Bus
Lina Ankargren

Statement by Lina Ankargren

“Acting with integrity and trans­parency is a natural part of our culture. We recognize our Responsibility for the environment and society as a whole and build our customers’ trust by being accountable for what we do.”

Lina Ankargren, Head of Charging and Thermal Management System, Scania
Nuno Marques

Statement by Nuno Marques

“Respect means acting in a socially responsible manner and harnessing the advan­tages of our diverse workforce to achieve better results for our customers and society as a whole.”

Nuno Marques, Automation Manager Development, TRATON
Holly Coombes

Statement by Holly Coombes

“Customer First means giving our all to understand what matters most and what creates the greatest value for our customers and then exceeding those expectations.”

Holly Coombes, Vice President Central Sales Administration, Navistar
Ulrich Zimmer

Statement by Ulrich Zimmer

“Elimination of Waste is one of our core ­values and is valid for everyone and for all business areas. In pro­duction, it is essen­tial for standard­izing our common production system. It is the basis for maximizing quality and minimizing delivery time, inventory, and cost for our customers.”

Ulrich Zimmer, Senior Vice President Production Powertrain, MAN