Hanauer Str. 26
80992 Munich


Unit 1133
151 87 Södertälje, Sweden

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Hans Dieter Pötsch

Executive Board

Christian Levin (Chairman)
Mathias Carlbaum
Antonio Roberto Cortes
Dr. Michael Jackstein
Catharina Modahl Nilsson
Alexander Vlaskamp

Registrar of Companies

Amtsgericht München, No. HRB 246068

Organization number TRATON



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Photography & Video (2023)

Adrian Dinu / TRATON (Better together), Dan Boman / Scania (Myths about electric trucks, Transformation in action), Stephanie Wiegner / TRATON (Charging ahead, Adding value with a modular system), Rudolf Wichert (Charging ahead), Milence (Charging ahead), MAN Truck & Bus (Transformation in action), Navistar (Transformation in action), Kari Medig (Transformation in action), Volkswagen Truck & Bus (Transformation in action), Dirk Bruniecki / TRATON (Sustainability takes teamwork), Gustav Lindh / Scania (Sustainability takes teamwork), Ingus Kruklitis / getty images (Transformation in action)

Photography (2022)

Alexander Raissis / unsplash (Header), Stefan Bösl (Major milestones), Jan Dada (Major milestones), Federico Beccari / unsplash (TRATON Way Forward), Scania (Bringing our strategy to life, An interface to the future), Dan Boman / Scania (TRATON Way Forward, Race against time), Dirk Bruniecki (Race against time, More immune to market ups and downs, Learning from each other, being open-minded), Kari Medig (Race against time), Gustav Lindh / Scania (Race against time), MAN Truck & Bus (TRATON Way Forward, Race against time, An interface to the future), Navistar (TRATON Way Forward, Race against time, An interface to the future, A compass of values for all), Volkswagen Truck & Bus (Race against time, A compass of values for all), Heléne Grynfarb (Stronger together, A compass of values for all), Peggy Bergman / Scania (A compass of values for all), TRATON (A compass of values for all), Simeon Johnke / András Heiberger (A compass of values for all), Malagrine Studio (TRATON Way Forward, Major milestones)

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